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I am an expressionist who happens to do poems—perhaps a poet; on most days I am a critical thinker who looks beyond the known ledge [knowl~edge] seeking out the fullness of the Creator’s purpose and learning to share that experience with you.  My writings are about constructing meaningful and positive context from the subtext of life, which aims to negate any pretext on the path of self understanding—sounds complicated I know; it truly is just simple enough to be complex, like love or life.  To me it is providing cogitative inspiration for introspection and progression through the expression of poetry.

In my years of writing I have published several bodies of poetry (oral-form), essays/soliloquies, and books; I am the author of Freedom As It Happens and The Finding Place. I previously, served as founder and host of Freedom Verse Café, where I discussed and interviewed poets of all genres and cultures.

How do I define poetry? Poetry (pō’ĭ-trē): a proverbial alchemy of words, thoughts, and verbs igniting inspiration upon the canvas of minds.  A rhythmic combination of lines and bars designed to liberate beyond the confines of rhymes, stretching the boundaries beyond limits; it is the spirit’s catharsis process turned into art, and subsequently into life.